Italy Sketchbook

This is a collection of some of my favorite sketches from my trip to Italy.


Chiesa Di S.Nicola

Amongst all the beauty in Tuscany, I was very impressed at the age and detail found in this church located in the center of Radda in Chianti...

The Arno River In Florence

I thought this spot was ideal as I could watch everyone looking at the Ponte Vechio (to my back) and could watch as people came and went from the Uffizi.

Piazza Della Cisterna

I dont know if it was the way all these stones were layed together seemingly random to form this building, but there was just something about it that was demanding to be drawn...

San Sano In Chianti

...I like the way many villages built their houses onto the natural topography...

Venice Italy

I was captivated by the impressive detail, once I began to draw I realized just how much there really was! Maybe a quick drawing! Yea, that'll do the job! Besides, they were renovating at the time anyway...

Vescine In Chianti

Again, I like the structures being built into the mountain sides, it gives them a more natural feel..

(Hey I'm from Florida, we don't have any mountains to look at, OK?)

La Pieta

What can I say? Even from a few feet away behind bulletproof glass this piece by Michelangelo is ever so impressive. It was too dark to make out any facial detail so I left the face alone...



All drawings © Omar Angulo
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