We have had the pleasure of taking 6 or more trips. They are user friendly! Best hotels, transportation (excluding airfare), restaurants, wineries and personal service. Every need is accommodated without asking and no details go unnoticed. We have made so many friendships on these trips. A wonderful experience Bar None!
-Rick and Diane DuNah '09 (DuNah Winery)












Hi Myriam,
We just got back from our trip to Bella Italia and it was really great. Guido was such a fantastic guide and we learned so much from him. We would definitely recommend you and Guido to any of our friends that are travelling to Italy. Please thank Guido for us and tell him hello.
Grazie mille! Robin Stansi, 2011

As discussed, I would strongly suggest you contact Myriam Angulo of DiVine Tours, to arrange your stay in Italy should you and Connie decide to visit there to celebrate your 25th. Myriam put the itinerary together and made all of the arrangements for my sister for the recent vacation Sandi and I took with her in Tuscany. We stayed in a villa near Greve and had a wonderful time. If you want to visit Italy, I would highly recommend this approach. I let Myriam know to be on the lookout for your contact.
Tom Wood, Nov. 2005

Hola Myriam,
We are finally back in hot, hot, Miami. Everyone is trying to get back into things even if all we want to do is gaze out at beautiful vineyards, taste some ne
w and interesting wines, and above all have Myriam escort us and take us to truly awesome lunches where she knows who's who and what's what!
It will take some time to have our feet on the ground--and that is a good thing! Thanks so much for your knowledgeable tour and your graciousness. We all have fond memories and are excited to tell everyone about your specialty in those beautiful hills and mountains. We really liked Radda, how lucky you are to be there! Bur if you are ever visiting in Maimi, remember you are welcome at our table! We'd love to see you and will certaily recommend you to all...we are hoping to put together some kind of wine group.
Thanks again, take care of yourself around the curves, Ciao,bella,
The Dominguez Family Aug. 2005

"DiVine Tours- is an Operation specializing in programs which have the distinction of being the most comprehensive wine tours in Tuscany. Enrolled in the Masters of Wine Preparatory Program and a Hospitality graduate of Florida International University, Myriam is known for providing VIP access to the smaller, lesser known vineyards and winemakers, as well as larger internationally recognized producers. During her tours guests receive first-class treatment as they are guided through tastings, and cellar visits. Meals take place at castles with winemakers, as well as in local and famous restaurants in addition to visiting places of historical and artistic importance. Myriam, a charming and knowledgeable hostess, leaves no stone unturned in her tasting tours and instruction. Under her guidance, guests can be assured that not only will they leave Tuscany having learned, they will have also fallen in love with a whole new world of wines unknown to them before." Buon Gusto Magazine, Nov ‘97

Hi Myriam and Antonio -
Jack and I are just starting to get back into life in Santa Rosa. It has not been easy and we miss the serenity, beauty and very nice people in Radda. Life here is way too busy and we don't seem to be able to change that. Our first week of returning put us directly into the winemaking mode as grapes needed to be picked, crushed and pressed. They are now sitting in the 'Cantina' doing their thing for the winter. We share our Italy adventures with everyone who will listen. We even make dinner for them to get them to watch our pictures (we have over 1000 but, of course, only show a few). That is one of the reasons we are writing. As I am going through my photos I find the one of you and your dad, Antonio, but I cannot find one of you Myriam. I am sure we took one in the office but it is no where to be found. Do you think you could send us a picture of you? You were a very big part of our trip, as well, and I want to include you in my photo book. We hope you are doing well and also hope you will send our greetings to those that you know might remember us. Our trip was one of a lifetime and we appreciate your part in making it that. We tell everyone who is interested in visiting Tuscany to be sure to get in touch with you at 'A Bit of Tuscany'. Hopefully, you will see some of them one of these days.
Arrivederci e con affetto,
Sandy and Jack, Nov. 2004

Dear Myriam,
...We want you to know that out trip to Tuscany was simply wonderful, and DiVine tours was a major reason for our good time. The arrangements, the itinerary, the wonderful guides (especially Cristina) and most of all your personal attention to us was out of this world. We will never forget your energy, warmth and care of us. As we said to you, we were not exactly sure what to expect, but in our wildest dreams we could not have imagined how good DiVine tours really is. We thank you most sincerely for your efforts, which were often above and beyond the call of duty. And Keith is still impressed at having two beautiful women wave at him from a convertible - no matter what the truth really was. We hope you will convey our thanks to Cristina, Leah, Valentina and Graziano for their kindnesses. If you are able to get to the computer at the right time, Keith will play your music on his jazz program this Wednesday. (Jane Bunnett and the Spirits Of Havana). He mentioned you last week on the show, and promised to play the track on Wednesday 2 Oct.. We will try to send you some photos when we get them organized. In the meantime, you can know that you made two Canadians very happy with your friendship.
Keith and Helen Black - Sept. 2002

My daughter Anne and I had a wonderful experience going to Italy for my son Paul and Wanda wedding in August, 2002. I was impressed with the beauty of the Chianti region wich we were able to enjoy thanks to the good choices made by DiVine Tours, Myriam, our guide. The restaurants where we ate had exquisite food, the vineyards where we did the wine tasting were beautiful in the rolling hills, interspersed with olive trees; all gave us the unforgettable flavor of Tuscany. I want to go back and spend more time in that beautiful area. Thank you very much.
Maria Marta Air-Paul – August, 2002

Hello Antonio-
I just wanted to thank you for all the arrangements you made in Italy--the house, the hotel in Pisa, the car. Everything worked out great! The house was lovely--just perfect for us. We tried to visit you in Radda, but we probably got there just a bit too late. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet you. Anyway, thanks again, and I hope to be able to send some referrals your way. Ciao!
Stewart and Judy - June 2002


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